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Are YOU in the mood for delicious food using fresh ingredients at an affordable price from a great local restaurant? If so, then we are the perfect destination for you. We offer fantastic meals to our diners that can be enjoyed anywhere. Our menu features a host of mouth-watering dishes and scratch made specials. We take pride in creating a memorable dining experience.

Thank you for ordering directly only from this website and not through any third parties, this helps us keep our costs low so we can focus on quality ingredients and great service while growing our business.

Try us out today, you will not be disappointed!


Bridgette Dodge

The slices were DELICIOUS! I was so happy I stopped in and the girl behind the register was super nice. I wasn't sure if I was supposed to sit and serve myself or if I should have waited for the waitress but either way the pizza was immaculate. I'll definitely go back!

Anthony Jackson

First time customer. Pizza was fresh and delicious and perfectly prepared. Worth the 25 minute drive one way. Did takeout, but the ambiance is amazing so I will take in the dine-in experience when the weather is good.

Scott Mitsuno

Mary Angelas Special pizza was absolutely delicious. Imagine what pizza tasted like before big pizza chains. Awesome! Great family environment, friendly staff and did I forget to mention the pizza. OMG sweet baby Jesus!

Lorna D.

Excellent pizza! I always get pepperoni and garlic and it's always great. Also love the Italian hoagie. Lived in Philly and this place really tastes like up north I gotta say. The roll is amazing. Do yourself a favor and stop by for a slice!

Charles F.

The food is always amazing no matter what I get. I've had everything from pizza to salads to pastas to sandwiches. The restaurant is family friendly and the staff is great. The prices are great for the amount of food that you receive and the food is authentic Italian.

Mackenzie Campbell

Best gluten free pizza. I love this place. excellent and friendly staff, and even better food. I wish they could deliver to me... I am 2 blocks outside of their radius... but.... I love going into their shop. Thanks for being great!