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Are YOU in the mood for delicious food using fresh ingredients at an affordable price from a great local restaurant? If so, then we are the perfect destination for you. We offer fantastic meals to our diners that can be enjoyed anywhere. Our menu features a host of mouth-watering dishes and scratch made specials. We take pride in creating a memorable dining experience.

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Baha Ezici

Very delicious! You may just have to wait in the line to get a table. 16'' Mediterranean pizza for $19 for that quality is really good. Hard to get refill on your soda but the taste of the Mediterranean pizza covers all the cons!

Heather Safley

Always great a subs! Difficult choice between subs or delicious pizza. Today it was oven-baked subs! Mmmmmmm... Our server Phil was super-friendly and helpful in deciding our brews. Highly recommended in Cary town!

Richard Lucente

Small place, but was seated right away. I ordered the barbecue chicken pizza, and let me tell can't go wrong with this place! The pizza was cooked to perfection, as well as the side of buffalo wings. Try it out!

Alex A

The pizza here was gooooood!!! Loved the 10 piece wings! My wife and i had the small sicilian deep dish pizza and just loved the balance of the meal. It wasn't greasy or too buttery. The crust was great!

Mackenzie Campbell

Best gluten free pizza. I love this place. excellent and friendly staff, and even better food. I wish they could deliver to me... I am 2 blocks outside of their radius... but.... I love going into their shop. Thanks for being great!

Tom Douglas

Mary Angela's has been a favorite spot for us for many years... It has the NY feel of a hustle and bustle italian restaurant that serves excellent food... We especially love their pizza. Serves your favorite beverages as well.